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Официальный портал органов власти Чувашской Республики


The view of Cheboksary from the river Volga


Cheboksary is a city with many-centuries history. In annals Cheboksary is mentioned since 1469 when Russian warriors stayed here while their march to the Kazan Khanate. Though it had existed much earlier as a settlement. According to archeological excavations data it was a Bulgarian-Chuvash settlement at its place from XIII-XIV centuries.

Since 1555 after the Chuvash land entered the Moskovsky State voluntarily a fortress was laid here to protect eastern borders of the country. In 1625 in Cheboksary there were 458 soldiers, in annals 1646 there were 661 mans. In the first quarter of XVIII century several categories of soldiers (archers, Cossacks) were transferred to the presenter estates. From the result of the 1st revision in 1723 the population was 1924 inhabitants (mans), in 1879 – 4498 (2308 – females, 2190 mans), including 2450 philistines, 277 merchants, 146 noblemen’s. Since the end of XVII to the beginning of XVIII century Cheboksary was known as a famous trade city in Povolzhye. In 1781 got a status of a provincial city of the Kazan Gubernya. At the beginning of XIX century its population was of five and half thousands inhabitants. The industry was limited with small mill and some small factories.

The city was known by a good deal of churches (25 churches and 4 monasteries), the Cheboksary bells were known in London and Paris.

Since the end of XVI to the first half of XVII century in Cheboksary were built Vvedensky cathedral, 4 monastry: 2 Males monastry – Troitsky and Preobrazhensky, 2 Female monastry – Nikolaevsky and Blagovezshensky, Saint-Trinity monastry, 8 churches. In XVIII century here were 783 houses (including 33 stones houses), 91 stores and shops, 3 vocational schools, 2 hospitals, 1 bank.

At the beginning of XX century the population in Cheboksary was 5,1 thousand people. The total territory was nearly 600 ga, including with suburb places – Gerontiev slobody, Lakreevska, Usadka, Naberezchnaya, Knuticha, Budaika, Selivanovskaya, Yakimov, Svechkin.

The modern boundary of the town was assigned by the city council of Chuvash Republic. The total boundary extension is 83,3 km, of them on land – 67,0 km, on bender of the river Volga – 16,3 km. The area of the city, with Zavolzhye part, is 23302 ga.

Cheboksary nowadays is a unique city with both interesting history and contemporaneity, where there are quite original and unique museums and memorials, where culture – Chuvash and Russian – are combined tightly for centuries and embellish each other.

Believe! This city is worth of knowing!


Официальный портал органов власти Чувашской Республики
428004, г. Чебоксары, Президентский бульвар, д. 10